A smart solution

 Our clients are private individuals, companies and public institutions.


Good and durable architecture, adapted to its’ environment and to people and their needs. We focus on structures that are energy storing and diffussion open with the ambition to reach extremely low energy consumption and a healthy indoor climate.

We use natural building materials. We work to achieve an optimal solution where all aspects of the building process are taken into consideration from….

….set plans and economy, design and shape, construction and bearing capacity, installations and technical solutions, acoustics, rules and regulations and construction logistics. ….to the completed building, during which we are in control of the different actions to be taken by all parties involved, to achieve the goals as set up by the building owner.

”The mission of the architect is to advise the building owner and to exercise a general superintendance of the project, in order to fulfill the set goals of good architecture, environmental durability and reasonable costs.”

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